Feb 2013

Cirque de Glace wows Jordanians

AMMAN – The world-renowned Cirque de Glace ice spectacular, Evolution, has been garnering rave reviews from audiences of all ages and recording unprecedented success during its tour in Jordan.

Organized by Friends of Jordan Festivals, the legendary Evolution show is being held for the first time in Jordan and concludes today (February 16) at the Cultural Palace in Al Hussein Youth City.

Performed by a team of professional Russian Ice Stars who transported the audience to a world of fantasy and magical entertainment, the shows kicked off on February 14 in Amman on an ice stage that was constructed and equipped in accordance with top international standards.

Evolution brings to life the story of the creation of mankind, Man’s evolution and his journey to the limits of technology. Combining dazzling ice dance and acrobatics with the contradicting elements of ice and fire, Evolution delivered a dynamic, thrilling and visually stunning show that symbolized Man’s lifelong connection to planet Earth.

Commenting on the show, Souha Bawab, the executive director of Friends of Jordan Festivals, said, "Evolution has surpassed all expectations, presenting audiences with a passionate and artistic international performance that combined jaw-dropping acrobatics and awe-inspiring ice-skating talent."

"The show’s dazzling costume design and spectacular special effects offered audiences a breathtaking and magical entertainment experience. We are very proud of the massive success Cirque de Glace has garnered in Jordan. Friends of Jordan Festivals remains committed to organizing similar world-renowned entertainment shows that are suitable for all ages and cater to different tastes, in an effort to ultimately bolster tourism in the
Kingdom," he added.

Attending school students and NGOs expressed their delight at being part of this unique show, and thanked Friends of Jordan Festivals and the private sector companies for presenting them with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience this breathtaking performance which showcased magnificent ice-skating talent.

In turn, Julian Deplidge, the creative and tour director of Cirque de Glace, said, "We are pleased to witness such positive interaction from Jordanian audiences and are proud to have presented them with this unique international entertainment experience. Jordanians have yet again proven that they are well-educated and artistically aware individuals that are open to other cultures."

"Evolution has been an enormous success on all fronts in Jordan, and we would like to thank Friends of Jordan Festivals’ for their dedicated efforts in making the show a success," he noted.

Cirque de Glace was born when Vee Deplidge and her son founded The Russian Ice Stars, which toured the UK in 1993 to considerable acclaim, with a unique production of The Sleeping Beauty on Ice.

The shows are performed by professional Russian ice skaters of incredibly high standard, many of whom hold prestigious European and international ice-skating accolades.

In 1995, The Russian Ice Stars presented The Phantom of the Opera on Ice followed by Carmen on Ice in 1996. New productions of The Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella followed in 1997 and 1998, among numerous other shows.

Cirque de Glace was sponsored by Bank al Etihad, its official carrier Royal Jordanian Airlines, Fann FM, Rotana, Al Farida Group, Play FM, Ro'ya TV and Bidaya Corporate Communications.

Feb 2013
Al Arabiya


Cirque de Glace brings magic on ice to Jordan

DUBAI – The world-renowned Cirque de Glace brought its theatrical ice show “Evolution” to Jordan for the first time to sold out audiences in the capital Amman.

The show premiered on Thursday, Feb. 14 in the Cultural Palace in The Hussein Youth City and was scheduled to be performed over the course of three days.

Friends of Jordan Festivals, a non-profit organization founded in March 2010 aimed to promote Jordan as a cultural destination, invited the famous troupe to perform in the country as part of its world tour.

Souha Bawab, Executive Director of Friends of Jordan Festivals, said that hosting events such as the Cirque de Glace show would help promote the country as a tourist as well as a cultural destination.

“Jordan has many wonderful historical sites, and it would be great if people start heading to our country to see world-class events and at the same time visit touristic locations. This is our goal and what we are trying to achieve,” she explained.

“Also, another important factor, is that we are used to always traveling abroad to watch events and shows, so now we want people to travel to us, and to have everything available in the country,” she added.

Bawab pointed out the show would be performed by professional Russian ice skaters, many of whom have held prestigious European and international ice-skating accolades.

“Evolution” brought to life the story of the creation of our planet, man’s evolution and a journey to the limits of technology. The experience was filled with music, magnificent costumes and jaw-dropping acrobatics. Julian Deplidge, Creative and Tour Director of

Cirque de Glace, said the response on the show was overwhelmingly positive. “We’ve had a fantastic reaction, as you can see its packed house every day. We’ve pretty much sold out here in Jordan. We had a fantastic time in Kuwait. It was very very busy, standing ovations pretty much every night,” he said.

All equipment for the show had to be transported to Jordan, and large ice chillers were used to freeze the water to create the solid ice-rink for the performances, said the organizer.

The Cirque de Glace team welcomed the members of the Jordan Gymnastics Federation, as well as a group of young Jordanian artists and prominent figures in show business to their rehearsals in an effort to share their technical expertise.

Cirque de Glace was scheduled to travel to Mumbai, India after concluding their performances in Jordan. – Al Arabiya

May 2011
Carmel Thomason


The physical limitations of the human body mean
that it isn’t easy for circuses to keep pushing the boundaries with increasingly jaw-dropping feats.

Cirque de Glace gets around this by adding the speed of championship
ice-skating into the mix, creating a unique hybrid show which will appeal
as much to Dancing on Ice fans as those who enjoy circus.

Of course the skating here is much faster, more skilled and dangerous
than anything you’ll see in the TV show. Male skaters balance their female partners on a single hand while spinning them with such dizzying speed that their forms become a blur, while other skaters are thrown through
the air, missing the ice by inches causing audible gasps in the audience.

The stage of the Lowry’s Lyric Theatre has been turned into an eight-centimetre deep, solid ice-rink for the complex show, which is themed around a celebration of the earth from its big bang creation to present
day and beyond.

A full cinema screen backdrop and varied score add atmosphere, taking
the action deep into the rain forest where silk artists fly and somersault through the trees, back to early civilisation with acrobatics and on to the frantic streets of New York, where Cavalieri Giuseppe Arena gets to show off some impressive musical-style choreography.

October 2010
Jennie Macfie


JENNIE MACFIE enjoys a breathless skate through the history of the world – on ice

CIRQUE DE GLACE translates as Ice Circus, but Evolution aimed a lot higher than Barnum and Bailey – nothing less than the History of the World narrated in rhyming couplets and illustrated by interpretative ice dancing, gymnastics, aerial work, clowning and hula hoops. It was about as far from minimalism as it is possible to travel while remaining in the same universe.

It started with a bang, or rather the Bang – the Big Bang, the birth of the aforesaid universe, aided by some nifty work in the lighting department.
In a trice, skaters were whirling around the relatively confined space of the Empire's stage with breathtaking skill, recreating pyroclastic lava flows in a blur of glittering red spangled lycra.

The director wisely ignored less picturesque geological eras and fast forwarded to graceful butterflies fluttering through the lush Carboniferous forests while other less easily identifiable creatures swung from trapezes. Then the rise of humans (with a possible nod to Kubrick's 2001) and suddenly the dancers produced shiny copper hula hoops. Hula hoops...?

Aha! the dawn of agriculture and the rise of the wheel. Water wheels, millwheels, all kinds of wheels rolled and spun until swiftly replaced by the appearance of monkish communities in the middle age. The monks duly set fire to a rose, perhaps in homage to Umberto Eco. A strong smell of burnt hydrocarbons from the fire effects lingered as the house lights went up
and the ice creams went on sale.

The second half featured a beguiling recreation of the first Moon Landing – ice dancing is ideally suited to simulating the movements of near-weightlessness, though one might doubt whether Armstrong and Aldrin ever danced quite so gracefully across the Sea of Tranquillity.

Next, the best sequence of the programme in purely dance terms; a snappy, snazzy mixture of ‘Wall Street’ and Robert Palmer's ‘Addicted to Love’, as slick besuited businessmen, newspapers and mobiles to hand, straphanging on the subway on their way, revealed themselves to be slaves to the almighty dollar. Bob Fosse would have approved.

In the next sequence, Evolution ceased to be a historical cavalcade, however spectacular, and revealed the ecological message at its heart. Dancers in anti-contamination suits accompanied by images of waste and pollution gave way to idyllic forests destroyed by chainsaws in a blur of strobe lighting, melting icebergs and apocalyptic lightning storms ripping
the world apart.

All this was conjured, remember, by imaginative choreography delivered with surprising passion and undeniable finesse. You might expect to find
it a little difficult to applaud the End of Days even when rendered in gymnastics and fireworks, but the audience had no hesitation in stamping and cheering for several curtain calls.

May 2010
Theatre Royal


Grace, beauty and incredible precise athleticism!!

Saw the show last night in Glasgow, with some friends.
Can’t think of high enough praise or superlatives that would do it justice!
Best compliment - when can I see them again??!!
I would happily travel to another UK city to see them.

Thanks and best wishes
Leonard Esakowitz

September 2010
Kelly Edgington
The Sentinel


Beyond all imagination, this is ice cool.

DARKNESS. Followed by a blinding flash and a hushed silence.
The spectacular Cirque de Glace is a feast for the senses, a union of champions, contortion and choreography.

But this isn't just any secondary school science lesson. Cirque de Glace brings to life the story of the creation of our planet, man's evolution and
his journey to the limits of technology.

Act one is a world in formation. Magma flows as a volcano erupts and landscapes are formed. As the volcano splits, it reveals Earth taking her first breath, as a voiceover tells the story of our existence. Tribal communities form and rivals clash to the drumming of Stafford performer
Joe Blank's archaic beat.

Act Two takes the audience into the outer universe and Man's excessive drive for progress; he breaks away from Earth and consumes the new idols of money and industry, having a detrimental effect on natural resources.

The renowned Russian Ice Stars skate on boundaries that most would consider impossible. The discipline and agility is spellbinding and exhibits some of the finest performances in the realms of ice dancing.

Throughout the spectacle, a wave of breathtaking gasps and heart stopping cries are heard as the acrobats swing from hoops hanging from the ceiling, twist and turn into silhouettes that defy physical limits and fly effortlessly across the stage, attached only via a rope and each other.

A giant sphere symbolising Man's greatest invention, the wheel, encases
a young female skater as she spins the wheel virtually flat and by sheer strength, spins it upright again in one fluid movement.

It leaves you breathless in amazement questioning the immense skills
of the stars, and your stomach heads south with anxiety for them.

A pyrotechnic display and an explosive festival of fire, Cirque de Glace
is entertainment for all ages. As the finale suggests, the Earth does not belong to Man. Man belongs to the Earth. And the standing ovation on the night was well deserved.

May 2009
Abigail Saltmarsh
Norwich Evening News


Ice and easy does it

His flying drumsticks wowed the TV watching public. Now he's heading to Norwich with a lavish ice spectacular. ABIGAIL SALTMARSH caught up with drummer Joe Blanks.

Keith Moon, John Bonham, Ringo Starr - which of these world-renowned musicians would you recognize?

When some members of the great British public were shown pictures of top class drummers they were most familiar with the face of young Joe Blanks.

Joe, 19, first crashed his way to attention when he appeared on BBC talent show Let Me Entertain You. In three stunning performances he managed to last the crucial three minutes without the studio audience voting him off.

He eventually came third in the variety contest and, despite looking every inch the rock drummer, he has taken the rather unusual step of starring in national touring ice show Cirque de Glace.

“I enjoyed doing the TV show and was pretty happy with the result. In my first two heats I was the only person to keep the audience happy for the whole three minutes,” says the drummer, who was taught by Jim Chapin, coach for the legendary Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich.

“It was a very different thing for me to do. I'm used to playing at rock gigs where there's always a bit a pre-show party feel, with everyone getting excited backstage.

“On Let Me Entertain You it wasn't the same at all. There were a lot of nerves - everyone was really tense.”


But “different” is what Joe seems to do well. He is now wowing audiences in lavish ice spectacular Cirque de Glace - a far cry from smashing his cymbals and cracking his snares at a gig.

“Again it was something
very different for me to do. But it's great fun and the other performers are all
very cool and relaxed.

“I have really been on the road for the last three and a half to four years now and that often means playing somewhere new every night.

“One of the things I'm really enjoying about Cirque de Glace is being in the same place for several nights in a row,” he admits.

Joe was first given a drum kit at the age of 10 but he said it was a few more years before he really got into it.

“It was about the time I started looking at girls. I began playing more because I thought it would really impress them,” he said. “From there
I went on to wanting to impress big hairy musicians!”

Joe did manage to impress and soon began playing with different groups. And after appearing on Let Me Entertain You, he began to be recognized when he was out and about.

In fact, the quick snap survey carried out on the streets, where members
of the public were shown photos of famous drummers, revealed his face was even more familiar than some of the drumming greats.

“I did get recognized quite a bit. Once I was in the queue in Tesco.
I wanted a cup of coffee but when I got to the front my voucher was
out of date.

“I didn't have enough money but an old woman behind me said:
'I'll get that for you son because you are such a good drummer!'”

So what are Joe's long term ambitions? Does he have ambitions of hitting the heady heights of big time rock 'n' roll eventually?

“I am enjoying doing this now and do want to keep playing,” he said.

“If I could perform with anyone I guess it would be with a cool rock band such as Motley Crue or Kiss - any band where I'd be able to have fireworks coming out of my drumsticks.”


Champion skaters, stunning set-pieces and superb special effects, Cirque de Glace is set to slide on to the stage at the Theatre Royal in a blaze of colour.

Creative director Julian Deplidge said the show, which brings to life the story of the creation of the Earth, man's evolution and his journey to the limits of technology, features world class skaters.

“These are some of the best ice skaters there are. Many are world class performers from the Olympics,” he said. “As well as that our choreographer was responsible for the opening ceremony at the Winter Olympics and our lighting designing did the lighting for the closing ceremony at the Beijing Olympics. “We have a very, very talented and creative team.”

Cirque de Glace features the Russian Ice Stars who are renowned for their skill, speed and ability on the ice. And British performers associated with the show include the likes of John Hamer, who is a former British Junior
and Senior Champion, and who has been skating for well over a decade.

“When you go to see a show at an ice rink you can end up at one end,
a long way from what is happening." “In a theatre, such as the Theatre Royal, those at the front can be just two or three metres away from
former Olympic skaters and can feel the wind in their hair as they pass.”

Julian added: “I have been to Norwich on many occasions over the years - it is a great city and the theatre is a cracking venue for an ice show.

“Cirque de Glace offers a good night's entertainment and the chance to really feel the raw energy of skating.

May 2009
New Theatre


Truly awesome !!!!!

To-day we saw "Cirque De Glace" in Hull, New Theatre, what an experience.
I was amazed at the show from start to finish. Truly awesome !!!!!

Everything was perfection, the story line, choreography, lighting, music, effects, the dancing....I could go on.
I really do mean it when I say, "This was an experience to see and hear"

Please pass on our thanks to all involved in bringing the show to us,
looking forward to seeing you all again.

Kind Regards
Paul Pybus

May 2009
Phil Brady
Planet Productions


Cirque de Glace at Swindon's Wyvern Theatre

CIRQUE De Glace brings to life the story of the creation of our planet,
man’s evolution and his journey to the limits of technology and beyond.

Act one opens with a narration of Phil Waters' creative scripting on the genesis of the universe, accompanied by musical compositions as we meander through 42 billion years of evolution in less than forty minutes.

The generality of such an epic chronology, as you may imagine, was sweeping, taking us on a journey through the magma flows and formation of mother earth to the first breath of Gaia, into the Paleolithic oceans, as one celled lifeforms symbiotically mutated into explosions of aquatic, terrestrial and empyrean life.

Energy spawns from the spirit of the trees into creatures of verdant forests. The arrival of mankind ushers us through tribal communities as rival clans clash to the primal beat of Joe Blank's percussion, through ritual and sacrifice, weaving time and consciousness to the discovery of technology with the invention of the wheel and the manipulation of fire.

Given the unimaginable synopsis of such a colossal period of time, The Russian Ice Stars transformed a credulous extrapolation into a metamorphic shift of the senses. A perceptual and physical experience of the highest standard, the skill set of which, unfathomable, almost unearthly, to forge the world class extravaganza that is the spectacular Cirque de Glace.

Act two takes the audience into orbit, as we leave Planet Earth for mankinds giant leap into space, bringing us down again with a crash,
for the degenerative practice of rationing resources through a counter productive monetary system. The toxicity of industry decimates Mother Earth through relentless consumption of her natural resources, forcing glacier shifts with man's excessive drive for progress. All is not lost as
the winds of change purify her, restoring hope beneath the vibrant arc
of a healing rainbow.

With the finale, Festival of Life, looking to the future, the audience were exhilarated into a deserved standing ovation.

This magnificent fusion of sound, visual art, costume, acrobatics, ice dancing, choreography, contortion, lighting and set design, will introduce you to some of the finest talents this world has yet to see on the arena
of ice.

With all the breathtaking oohs and heart stopping aahs that you expect from a circus, with gravity defying aerial valor, fervent fire and pyrotechnic displays and a multitude of impossible physical action, you will be on seat-edge throughout the performance.

The Russian Ice Stars guarantee to dazzle, thrill and entertain all ages. So bring the family and invite everyone you know as Swindon is graced with the pleasure of Cirque de Glace.

Apr 2009
Sands Centre

    "The entire audience was spellbound"

I have just watched your show in Carlisle , England - it was wonderful.
I just wanted to let you know that the entire audience was spellbound.
I hope you will come back to Carlisle in the future.

Thank you for making my day
Diana x

Apr 2009


"Breathtaking and stunning to watch"

What a fantastic production this is.
Breathtaking and stunning to watch.

It must be exhausting to perform, but
these brilliant pros show no sign of fatigue.

Forget Dancing On Ice, this is the real deal.

Glenn Meads - whatsonstage.com

Mar 2009
Grand Theatre


"Absolutely spectacular"

I have been to see the show, this Saturday evening at
Swansea and I have to say it was absolutely spectacular.

I would like to know if you are going to produce a DVD of the show?
& if possible when will it be available as I would like to purchase one.

Again the show was a masterpiece and all the performers were superb.

Best regards Mr Terry White

Mar 2009
Congress Theatre

    The Russian Ice Stars Cirque De Glace Review

The trailer of this production is already enough to convince most people that this is an impressive action packed show.

However, whilst the Russian Ice Stars normally eventually release their shows on DVD this is one show that needs to be appreciated live at least once.

As far as ice skating goes this cast's performance honestly makes
Torvill and Dean look utterly boring in comparison (even in their heyday).

The speed these performers are able to achieve on such a small stage (in comparison to an ice skating ring) is unbelievable. But speed alone is not enough. To have that speed and perform the most complicated lifts, jumps, tricks and to do them all flawlessly is another matter.

Yes I can honestly say there was not a single missed landing from any
jump or trick. It wasn't our first experience of these talented artists having previously seen Snow White - but whilst beautiful that was a much slower paced show - and there were several fluffed landings.

The action is non stop and the first half of the show has the bonus of multiple pyrotechnic displays in addition to effective strobe and other lighting effects.

The pyrotechinics I have to say are outstanding. Never have I seen so much fire on one stage whilst that same stage is still occupied by so many performers. All I can say is there must be some effective flame retardent material in use! I'd also almost put money on somebody being just off stage fire extinguisher in hand.

We were at the front and the heat from the flames was amazing -
the warmest I have ever known the Congress Theatre!

But the Russian Ice Stars are not just about skating they also have amongst them incredible gymnasts and talented contortionists performing feats that make your jaw drop with not a safety net in sight!

The second half of the show is a less pyrotechnic and special effect laden affair but is no less entertaining.

The reason for this is that Cirque De Glace has been so cleverly
put together. It isn't just a thrown together sequence of acts but
a portrayal of Man's effect on Earth from the dawn of time itself.

Hence the first half pyrotechical bias. The formation of the planet, erupting volcanoes, lava flows, early man, the Druids - all events to which fire has a big relevance.

The second half is more about what man has done to ruin the planet.
Tree felling, heavy industry, commercialization being just a few examples.

Cirque de Glace is more than an ice show. It is a show with a
message that just makes you think as well as being entertained.

If I had enough money I would gladly have gone to see this show every night of it's Eastbourne run. With so many talented performers on stage there is always so much to look at that you always miss something.

It was also encouraging to see Cirque De Glace had drawn in such a large audience but there was something strangely missing from that audience - children. We found this incredibly odd. If there was ever an ice show that would get kids thinking about taking up the sport this is it - yet there were no children and just a few people under 40. I can't see that one child would have gone home from this show without enjoying it.

I hope a few people get to read this before the end of Cirque De Glace's tour and opt to take their children along. They will love it!

The only thing I wonder about this show is how the heck the Russian Ice Stars will ever top this with their next production? Snow White, Peter Pan and Barnum are a few previous productions but as far as impressive constant entertainment, special effects, action and talent goes this show will take some beating!

But when they do that next production we won't hesitate to see it.

Mar 2009


"One of the best shows I've seen"

I saw the show in Cheltenham, it was fabulous.
One of the best shows I've seen.

Many thanks for a very entertaining performance and
congratulations to those on stage and behind the scenes.

Looking forward to the next one.
Keep up the brilliant work.

All the best from Linda.

Feb 2009
Marlowe Theatre


"Wow - What a show!"

I took my daughter Ashleigh to see 'Cirque de Glace' at the Marlowe
Theatre in Canterbury, Kent. Wow - What a show! I had to write to
tell you how much we enjoyed the performance.

The choreography was fantastic, the soundtrack was spot-on,
and the performers were simply breathtaking. You could see the joy
on their faces - they were having a great time!

My favourite scene was 'Urban Sprawl', and Ashleigh's the 'Festival of Fire'.
The imagery of the Druids worshipping the trees and the earth was truly inspirational.

Ashleigh is hoping to study drama, and she loved interpreting what she was seeing on stage. We are now taking my daughter's grandmother to see it on Sunday.

Please pass on my delight to all those involved in the show,
and I look forward to seeing it all again in a couple of days time!

Yours gratefully, Amanda and Ashleigh Finch

Feb 2009
Marlowe Theatre


"The most amazing spectacle we've ever seen"

I would just like to say that I took my grandson Harvey Dent
to see the show at The Marlowe in Canterbury on Tuesday.

It was the most amazing spectacle we've ever seen. Thank you so much.
The experience will stay with us for a very long time.

Congratulations and Best Wishes
Gloria Tithecott

Feb 2009
Cliffs Pavillion


"This production was out of this world"

My wife and I plus a friend went to see this fantastic
show at the Cliffs Pavillion, Southend on Sea.

Every russian production we have been to has been spectacular,
but this production was out of this world.

The dancers, the costumes, the story line, the music...
It is the best we have seen! Once again a superb show.

Kind regards, Stephen Rogers

Feb 2009
The Lowry


"I have been lucky enough to see shows all over the world
in Las Vegas, Australia and
in the West End, but I have never seen such an amazing show as Cirque de Glace.

What I was doing on Dancing On Ice was difficult, but what these guys do is incredible."

Ellery Hanley

Feb 2009
Helen Jones
Whats on Stage


Review - Cirque De Glace - The Lowry

It’s easy to run out of superlatives when trying to describe the sheer spectacle that is Cirque de Glace. From the heart pounding opening to its stunning and memorable close, this is an amazing combination of circus skills, ice skating and storytelling.

A sequence of scenes in Act 1 take us from the first explosive creation of the Earth, through to life developing, man’s appearance and his ability to create fire. Act 2 describes the corruption of the world through pollution
and pursuit of monetary gain, through to it’s purification and hope for life
on Earth.

The Earth is represented by a globe topped by supple contortionist, Valerie Murzak, as Gaia. Her evocative routines at points throughout the show give provide soul to Gaia and Mother Earth.

For most of the show ice skaters move around the stage with style and ease. The Russian Ice Stars, who are the major performers, are all highly skilled skaters. But their real skill is combining the technical side of their skating with the beautifully choreographed dance movements which create the real lasting images of the show.

Although the skating provides the bulk of the performance, there are stunning circus style performances from other artists. The aerial work on the show causes gasps of amazement from the audience. The primary female acrobat, Ekatarina Belokopytova, and one male, Alexander Belokopytov, spin and drop from a variety of ribbons, hoops and ropes. There is also a swing sequence by Svetlana Murzak, which again is excellently done, leaving you breathless.

Special mention must also be made of Yulia Kovina. Her skill with a large number of hoops is undeniable but is outclassed by her hoola with a ring
of fire.

The other main circus style act is a bar work sequence. Two young men perform jumps and somersaults from the bar held between the shoulders
of their compatriots. Again their skill draws gasps and applause from the audience.

This skill and drama are enhanced by stunning costumes designed by Svetlana Murzak, a minimalist but meaningful narration by Phil Walters
and truly dramatic music by Steve Millington and Stu Shaw.

Overall this is a truly incredible evening’s entertainment for the whole family, so get your skates on!

Jan 2009
New Theatre


"Totally mesmerised"

After spending last Thursday totally mesmerised by Cirque de Glace,
I was wondering what the plans were for next year.

I have been looking and can not see any shows planned for 2010 and would hate to miss out if one is up and coming.

If you could let me know if there is a production planned
so that I can keep an eye out I would appreciate it.

Many thanks, Lynn Sheppard

Jan 2009
Lesley Reynolds
I-skate magazine


Cirque de Glace is so much more than just an ice show

I really don't know whether to review this as an ice show or not. lt is so much more than that, though I was rather sad to see the audience in Dunstable react with greater enthusiasm to the non-skating acts than to the skaters. I guess the average person just doesn't appreciate the the technical skill involved in the lifts, spins and jumps (double axels and a couple of brave triples on a theatre-stage size and often crowded ice pad).

Former three-time British Champion John Hamer is one of the few non-Russian skaters in the Russian lce Stars and I have to admit to trying to spot him in each scene - not difficult, having followed his progress for so many years. A brief chat between shows confirmed he was thoroughly enjoying being with the company and had learned a lot. lt was obviously extremely hardwork and he was continually losing weight.

Cirque de Glace tells the story of planet Earth from its fiery creation, through the development of life up to the crazy pace of today and the damage being done to the environment. The message is one of hope that the planet can recover.

My favourite scenes were the blue butterflies, the portrayal of stone age man (lots of opportunities for the skaters to over-act!), and the city types in their suits working harder, faster and longer.

As well as the aforesaid butterflies, the all-red costumes in the opening volcano scene were particularly effective. Throughout the clothes reflected the story being told, as did the skating - the movement and choreography of Cavaliere Giuseppe Arena creating the required mood each time. (Cavaliere is the ltalian equivalent of a knighthood and, for those who did not know, Giuseppe Arena is no stranger to ice as he choreographed ceremony the opening of the Turin Olympics and various competitive programmes as well as working in the ballet world for many years).

The development of life was portrayed by skaters in black carrying illuminated from amoebae to fish, etc. Using back shapes projection throughout the storytelling, to enhance the moon landing and space walk scene was particularly effective.

The back projection brings highlight me to the non-skating of the show. Two burly men in hi-viz jackets and carrying chainsaws were pretending to cut down the rainforests. They then balanced between them what looked like a narrow plank of wood (on one shoulder each).This turned out to be known as the Russian Bar and two others performed amazing leaps, somersaults - landing each time on the flexible bar to Grove Theatre, Dunstable gasps from the audience. were aerial acts on ropes, silk ropes, Other features a "cloudswing" and German Wheel as well as a hula-hoop act (with fire).

Some of the cast had also learnt to use fire apparatus Gaia on a giant ball as well as skate. Portraying which was the earth, a contortionist acted out the birth and agonies that the planet goes through in its history. Everyone was skilful in his/her own discipline, great the flyers showing strength sometimes.

My only gripe: the spotlight that shone out into the audience from the stage, at times it was just too bright, dazzling me and preventing my seeing absolutely everything.

Don't go to Cirque de Glace expecting something like Disney or Holiday
on lce. This is a complete theatrical experience, with skating thrown in.
I eavesdropped on comments from other audience members with no obvlous knowledge of skating, and they were all favourable. Indeed,
at the end there was a standing ovation.

lf I get the opportunity I would like to see it again in order to concentrate more on the skills of the skaters-though not really fair to single any one out, Andrey Chuvilyaev is so tall you can't miss him(he's6ft 7in), and Valdis Mintals (who skated pairs internationally with Viktoria Shklover, for Estonia also in the company) is very strong and a confident jumper. I have commented before about the strength of basic training that makes so
many skaters from former USSR countries so valuable to companies like
the Russian lce Stars, and it remains true in this case.

Jan 2009
Holly Whitmill
Warwick Today


Cirque de Glace ice show, Spa Centre, Leamington

Jaw-dropping somersaults, great skating and a story with a message
are all part of this spectacular show. With so many 'on ice' shows out there I was concerned about this production's possible 'cheese' factor. But I need not have worried. Firstly there is the multi-skilled skaters
who execute spins, jumps and one-handed lifts with agility.

They also 'dance' with real verve and style and with the use of cables literally fly and spin above the stage. But ice-skating is not all this production has to offer. Acrobats twist around lengths of material high above the ice with no safety net, to fall suddenly then be caught in its cunningly entwined folds. There is also impressive gymnastics on a narrow flexible plank - the physical talents of the show's cast is amazing.

All these spectacular feats and more are used to tell the story of the world - from its birth after the big bang, through the evolution of the
human race to the devastating affect we are having on it. Quite an epic tale for an ice show you might think, but through the use of varied and contrasting choreography, music, costumes, moving projections and at times a narrator - it works.

The journey takes in cave men, the invention of the wheel, deforestation and the landing of man on the moon along the way. At one point there is even a projection of trucks dumping waste into a landfill site. One of my favourite scenes involved the skaters dressed in suits and acting like businessmen and women with a speeded up city scene behind.

I don't think there can be many shows that are so educational, fun and beautiful to watch at the same time. Should not be missed.

Dec 2008
King's Lynn
Corn Exchange


"your show was absolutely brilliant - it blew us away!"

I just wanted to say that my family thought your show was absolutely brilliant - it blew us away! We were at the Christmas Eve matinee at
Kings Lynn - in the front row!

We hadn't seen any of your previous productions, and our expectations were exceeded - amazing talent, mixed with brilliant production -
we'll definitely be back.

Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Best wishes, Amanda, Steve, James & Sarah Lofts


Dec 2008
Douglas McPherson
The Stage


Cirque de Glace

It’s an epic journey - from the formation of the Earth 4.5 billion years ago, through the origins of life, the birth of man, the discovery of fire and the wheel, the rise of consumerism and the threat of climate change. But Cirque de Glace takes it at a sprint in a two-hour show with no more excess weight or padding than any of its 30-odd, razor-honed performers.

What’s more, the mostly Russian company provides all the spectacle such cataclysmic events demand, in a truly dazzling synthesis of ice skating and circus skills.

Gorgeously dressed, against a backdrop of moving projections, with a rumbling narration and lively soundtrack of contemporary music, there is no room for arty pretension as the set-piece stunts follow each other in rapid succession.

Among the standout moments are contortionist Valerie Murzak, performing with the slow-motion grace of an angel atop a globe, Yulia Kovina spinning a flaming hula hoop around herself and a Russian bar routine that finds Aliaksei Dudko and Denis Kiselev somersaulting at breathtaking altitudes.

But then, there is seldom a moment when something jaw-dropping isn’t happening in a show that surely sets a new benchmark for both ice dancing and circus.

Nov 2008
Grove Theatre


Dangerous, beautiful, compelling!

I have just got back from an evening watching this production at
the Grove Theatre Dunstable and wanted to say how awesome it was.

It was dangerous, beautiful, compelling
and a wonderful experiential piece of theatre.

Thank you so much, Lynette Driver

Nov 2008
Marina Theatre


A show such as Cirque de Glace requires great production, great performers, great direction and great music... Cirque de Glace has all of these...

Rick Wakeman - YES


Nov 2008
Rufus Upstone
Lowestoft Journal


Ice Stars on Fire!

They say if you think your end is near, your whole life flashes before you. I had several flashbacks as I sat mesmerised in the front row at the Marina Theatre whilst the Cirque de Glace Russian ice stars gave a complete definition to the term ‘ice spectacular’!

These near death experiences would include Alexander Belokopytov whirling from a rope above the ice while his skate blades skimmed past my nose. (My wife says she has told me a million times not to exaggerate!). Later when he reprised this amazing stunt, but with the equally adept airborne acrobat Ekaterina Belokopytova hanging from his feet in a splits configuration, spinning so fast the ice flecks from their skates probably reached the balcony.

This isn’t just an ice show.
As brilliant as the twenty or so skaters are, so much of the action takes place above the rink; think Cirque du Soleil on ice with fire!
(Yes, there are chainsaws but used in a caring, responsible fashion, so don’t worry!). For example, there is
a stunningly beautiful contortionist, Valerie Murzak, (think Nicole Kidman), an amazing cloud swing gymnast Svetlana Murzak (indescribably talented) and what Svetlana Golubeva can do with the German wheel is indescribably indescribable.

On a totally different level Aliaksei Dudko and Denis Kiselev performed incredible gymnastics on apparatus new to me called the Russian Bars. This equipment appears to be four drainpipes covered in a hessian carpet. About fifteen feet long it is balanced on the shoulders of what looked like two champion weight lifters. The spring in this bar catapults the acrobats high above the ice where they achieve amazing body twists and double somersaults. Astounding!

And there is a bonkers drummer doing an extremely good impression of the Muppets’ Animal, at one time using his head on the kit!

But my personal favourite - the irrepressable Yulia Kovina (think Kylie on ice). Remember hoola hoops? Well this lady had got multi-hoola magic. Tricks you wouldn’t think possible, especially the blazing hoola hoop of fire. As she twirled while the blazing hoop spun round her body I couldn’t see how she was going to escape. How did she? You need to see this for yourself.

The whole show has a modern environmental message demonstrated by travelling through time to look at the history of our Planet Earth. As it says in the beautifully reproduced programme, “an amazing creation”. You have five more opportunities to sit back and wonder at this show over the weekend.